Lucy, The Shining One


Hello Internet. I’m Lucy and I haven’t really got the faintest idea what I’m actually supposed to be doing here, but I figured the best thing to do would be hit the ‘post an entry’ button and jump in wiht both feet first, hoping for a good outcome!

Which brings me here. My very first post. How incredibly exciting.

You’re probably wondering who the hell I am. Well, as I already said a couple of paragraphs ago (but I’ll repeat for the memory-deficient), my name is Lucy. I am a 30-something polygamous bisexual submissive schizo-affective disorder and adhd who lives in Wales. I love rock music, mythology, board games and shopping!
Yay very mini bio. But those are kind of the basic/important things about me.

I’m pretty verbose so I’m glad this isn’t anything like twitter with that pesky 140 character limit. It keeps cutting me off mid-tweet. Very rude of it, don’t you think?

So there we go. A first post, a mini introduction and a layout. I do feel a little like I need some kind of reward for all of this hard work you know!


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