Lucy, The Shining One

Poor J!

J is sick. He’s got a bad stomach – diarrhea, vomiting, a fever – so bad that he’s actually taken today off work. This is completely uncharted territory. J is never sick. I can’t ever remember him taking time off work, except for when he tore his ACL and had to have recover. But this is completely unprecedented.

Sadly, he’s a bit of a dying duck. When he’s not dashing to the loo, he’s stretched out on the couch, acting like the proverbial dying duck. He’s feeling all sorry for himself. I suppose he’s about as unused to this as me and S are. Mostly he’s whining that he wants a cuddle.
No, sorry J. We don’t know if you’re contagious and neither of us want to risk it.

S is dutifully playing nursemaid. Not in a wee little kinky nurses outfit though haha. I don’t have to do housework duties today but have been told to work on my maths.

You see, I’ve been wanting to do my GCSE physics – sci-fi has me all interested in astronomy and cosmology but I have no even basic knowledge. The postman today brought me me GSCE Physics workbook. But last night I came across a website called Khan Academy and saw they had a whole physics section and thought that I’d start working through that. But J, looking over my shoulder noticed that there was an ‘early maths’ section and laughed and said I should do that. I rolled my eyes and clicked on it and started the ‘mission’ and then J turned serious and decided that no, I have to complete the maths. S agreed, pointing out maths is important to science so now I find myself having to finish primary school maths. I really hoping I don’t have to do all the maths on their but… well.. if I do, I do. Love, honour and obey and all that.

I admit I’m kind of enjoying earning badges though…


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