Lucy, The Shining One

National Siblings Day

According to one of the trending topics on Twitter, today is National Siblings Day – which gives me something to talk about on here rather than S now being down with this stomach flu and J feeling better, or rambling about these maths lessons.

I come from a decent-sized pretty close family. I have one older brother Peter, one older sister Susan, and younger twin sisters Polly and Esme. You may now be noticing a theme with the names, especially when you factor in the fact I’m called Lucy! Our parents are pretty big fans of CS Lewis’ Chronicles Of Narnia – especially The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. To this day, they’re still disappointed they didn’t have a second to call Edmund. Esme is one of the feminine forms of Edmund though, so they got as close as they could without actually calling her Edmund. Poor Polly was almost called Jadis, after The White Witch but they went for naming her after the female character from The Magician’s Nephew.

I seem to be the only one following the naming tradition – my two cats are called Jadis & Aslan. We also have a dog who’s mostly J’s called Odin after the Norse God. I have no idea why, he’s not even that into Norse Mythology and it wasn’t like he’d recently seen anything Marvel, cos I’m pretty sure he’d have named the dog Loki!


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