Lucy, The Shining One

Action Challenge

Things are getting back to normal around here, finally! J went back to work today. S is being incredibly stubborn and trying not to let this gastroenteritis get her down, but J was firm with her and told her to stay home, at least for today, and rest.

S and I did to to the supermarket today to get the groceries no-one got at the weekend and just that was enough to send her back to bed for a nap, so at least we know J was right. She’s sort of half-working and half-resting.

I’ve been able to get back on with as normal as my life gets around here, which makes me feel better. Following my lists and knowing what I’m doing is always a good thing.

Speaking of lists, a couple of days ago I posted about some belated goals that I’d put together for the year, a little list that looks like:

1) Keep taking my medication regime and tracking my moods and attention etc
2) Keep using to-do lists and alarms to focus myself on my task at hand
3) Lose approximately 30lb by the end of 2016
4) Start studying my GCSEs – ideally English and Maths as well as Physics
5) Learn to type

Well, inspired by Kara @‘s very popular style bullet journal, I’ve decided to something a little similar myself. Breaking the big goals down into steps that make them seem less daunting.



  2. LOSE 30 LB




    1. Keep taking medications
      • Fill pill older on Sunday evenings
      • Alarms set on phone when medications are due
      • Including medications on daily to-do lists and Habitica
    2. Using to-do lists and Habitica for focus
    3. Attending therapy and group sessions
    4. Weekly reward for all medications taken –need to discuss/set with J&S
  • LOSE 30LB
    1. Cut out excessive unhealthy snacks – replace chocolate/crisps with carrot sticks/rice cakes
    2. Keeping a daily food log
    3. Investigate eating programs such as Whole30
    4. Weekly weight loss reward –need to discuss/set with J&S
    1. Continue daily maths missions on Khan Academy
    2. Pull together a list of revision guides, workbooks and stationery needed, along with price
    3. Discuss turning 2nd floor storage room into a small study room – price of desk, cupboards etc
    4. Weekly reward –need to discuss/set with J&S
    1. General use of computer, familiarising myself with keyboard layout
    2. Try a couple of diffrent online ‘courses’ to find a good fit
    3. Weekly reward – what parameters? –need to discuss/set with J&S

Tonight, depending on how J feels, S wants us to all sit down and work on rewards. And whether or not I should be disciplined for failing in the tasks – since these are all mine, not set by them – and what the parameters etc would be.

I’m planning on starting an actual physical bullet journal too, but because we were all sick, S didn’t take me to Hobbycraft at the weekend to buy supplies. Perhaps that will be my reward this weekend for doing my maths everyday?

I’m feeling quite positive about most of these. A little nervous at the idea of actually prepping to do exams, but that’s quite a way ahead in the future still. I’m just trying to get used to the idea. Although hopefully if I continue to enjoy the maths the way I am with Khan, and find equally enjoyable/working methods for other subjects then I think I’ll be fine!

S is quite firm that none of these interfere with my existing duties/roles as they were. I’ve been fitting in the Khan Academy quite easily though over the last couple of weeks, and there’s been no complaints about housework so I think I’m going to succeed quite nicely! 🙂

Keeping a food log will begin properly next week. This week, because we’ve all been so ill, is going to consist of a lot of pretty bland food – the old BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. Simple proteins like egg and chicken. Crackers. Then next week, paying proper attention to calories and carbs etc.

I can do this!


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