Lucy, The Shining One

30 Days

I found one of those 30 Day Memes that I was eager to try and I’d planned on starting it on Sunday but it’s been a pretty insanely busy couple of days and I’ve been a little… y’know… tied up. I don’t suppose there are any rules about starting it today instead though, and having it run 30 days from now instead?

My current relationship

I have two wonderful partners, J&S – you may have heard me mention them before. J is a 63 year old guy, S is a 47 year old woman. We’ve been together for 6 years and living together for 5. THEY have been together for 18 years, married for 11. None of us knew we were polyamorous or planned to have this kind of relationship… it sort of just happened.

I met J in a BDSM club. He is a switch but was needing to Dom (S is also a Dom) and he was there not only with S’s knowledge, but she was watching him. I knew he was either married or recently separated – he had a tanline on his ring finger. We played a couple of times, had a little bit of a fling really. After a couple of sessions, he turned around and told me his wife wanted to join in, was I interested? We all met, we had some drinks and then we played. A couple of times. We started all doing other things together, not just playing and… and somehow it sort of just… built from there. And the three of us are… the three of us.

There is no lying, there is no cheating. There is no sleeping around. It really pisses me off, and it really hurts, when people assume that I’m in some kind of open relationship and just fuck whoever I want, whenever I want. That J and/or S are doing the same.
There is no-one else for any of us. We are in a fully commited long-term relationship. It just happens that there’s three of us, rather than the more socially acceptable two.


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