Lucy, The Shining One

Depression & To-Do Lists

I’m still feeling really down and kind of numb. Everything is just so much effort. All I want to do is sleep and eat – although the preparation of food is far too much like hard work so it just ends up being sleeping and grazing on chocolate. I haven’t quite found the energy to pull myself up yet.
I really hate derpressive slumps 😦

I’m slowly reclaiming my inbox – it’s down to just under 200 – and writing myself a little to-do list. So there is a plan. It’s just… no being actioned yet.

  • Write penpal letter to Kara
  • Write penpal letter to Whitney
  • Have I been matched for round 33?
  • Send out sticker swap
  • find book swap book and send
  • 10% off at EllieBethDesignsUK on Etsy THANKS10
  • 30% off at BohoBerryPapiere on Etsy TRIBE30
  • find postcards for Happy Iggle Snail Mail and send
  • Simple Stories Say Cheese 12″x12″ Expressions Alpha Cardstock Stickers 3303- not yet delivered. check due date and chase
  • check out ohhellostationeryco on Etsy
  • check out microscope beauty on social media – planning comm

… this is not a complete list, but it’s getting there


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