Lucy, The Shining One

Lonely but grateful

I do not like sleeping alone. We have this lovely huge bed but last night it seemed some vast expanse of emptiness. I kept rolling over and there was no-one pressed up against me, no-one to cuddle up to. It took me ages over the last couple of weeks to get used to mostly just having J in the bed so being on my own last night was horrible. And there’s still two more nights of it.

Monday will come soon enough though and I will have my bed back the way I like it, even if it’s only for one night before S is back to Manchester.

I should be grateful though.
We have a comfortable enough life that S is able to just whisk J away for their anniversary.
We have this huge, comfortable bed.
And I have the two best people in the world to share it with.
I have family who understand that it’s not necessarily safe for me to be left alone for too long – and who don’t mind ‘babysitting’ me for the weekend.
I’m spending quality time with my little sister enjoying some fun movies and tv shows, and sampling some of the best delivery service the town provides.

Life is good. I shouldn’t complain – but I do miss J&S something fierce!


  1. I don’t like sleeping alone either… I surround myself with pillows and such to not feel alone. Hope monday comes sooner! Sometimes, it’s hard to adjust to temporary changes, but at least it’s temporary :).


  2. I try to get my husband into bed early but he doesn’t like it, and is a night owl. I don’t sleeping alone, either. I have my dog, Marley for company ❤


  3. For about the first month of my marriage, it was really weird but also comforting to sleep with someone else. I’ve now become used to having someone else there all of the time, so when he as to work nights or he gets up before I do, it feels like something is off when I have the bed all to myself. Though sometimes it’s a relief because he gets really hot when he sleeps so I’m a more comfortable temperature when he’s not there. 😉


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