Lucy, The Shining One

croeso i cymru

I’m not Welsh but I’ve lived here for the last almost 7 years and it’s definitely become my home. I can’t imagine livng anywhere else anymore. J isn’t Welsh but S is – although she’s originally from Cardiff which is down on the south and we’re up at the north west. She loves it here, and J&S actually settled here for her job. And then I moved in. And fell in love with the country. It’s just so beautiful and welcoming and there’s loads of random reasons too

Castles. Beaches. Mountains. Valleys. Lakes. Forts. The scenery is just breathtaking.

It’s kind of lame but I love Welsh music. A Welsh male voice choir can send shivers down my spine and bring a tear to my eye. And y’know, there’s Tom Jones and Katherine Jenkins and Charlotte Church and Shirley Bassey and Stereophonics.
Yes, I’m aware my music taste is a little insane. I’m currently listening to Dusty Springfield, so yeah.

Welsh rarebit. Or, as you’ll probably call it cheese on toast. or grilled cheese. Hey, I never said this was a sensible list!

Dragons. Even our flag has a dragon on it and you can’t argue with a dragon…

The language and accent. I only speak a little bit of Welsh but I’m definitely picking up the accent. I love how lilting and rhythmtic it is. The language itself is beautiful and ancient and complex and poetic.

Pretty sure S would kill me if I didn’t include Rugby on the list. I’m not a fan but she adores it and is a passionate supporter of Cardiff RFC – she’ll also support Bangor RFC too.
J’s more of a football fan though and has taken to supporting our local football team.


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