Lucy, The Shining One

Things To Remember

Sometimes my attention gets caught by and I focus on the most random things. The smallest details that can cause delight and that you want to remember because they’re so silly and enjoyable.

Late this afternoon, J caught me standing in the middle of the kitchen staring at the laundry basket. When he got my attention back to reality and he asked me what as so fascinating about our sheets.

It was the way the light was catching and dancing on and around the swirls and wrinkles of a sheet that needed to be ironed and folded.

When I asked J what he wanted to remember about today, he said the chocolate muffins we had at lunchtime. They were pretty awesome and his had way more chocolate chips in it than I’m sure there should have been.

How about you? What would you like to remember about today?



  1. I have to say a chocolate muffin sounds like a nice thing to remember.

    Today has barely started and all I’ve done so far is work so I’ll reserve judgement on what I want to remember for now 😉


  2. I would like to remember the nice lunch we had at a local Japanese restaurant today. We don’t usually go out much on the weekends 🙂

    It’s really nice to remember the small things that make our day. When I was really struggling with depression, I wrote the three things about my day that were positive, and that helped me look on the bright side.


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