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Bring us some figgy pudding

I like food. This is not news to anyone. I especially like food at Christmas. I love cooking up the big Christmas Day lunch – roast turkey, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, vegetables… all the trimmings. But my favourite Christmas foods have to be the desserts. I am a sucker for a warm …

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Macaroni cheese and chocolate fudge cupcakes

Today has been a very good day, especially food wise. I spent this afternoon baking chocolate fudge cupcakes and the kitchen smelled wonderful. S was very happy because she loves chocolate cupcakes and she just kept hanging around the kitchen like a kid. I even let her lick the spoon haha And then this evening …

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Beef Stew

I wish you guys could smell my kitchen right now, or anywhere in my house because it’s mouthwatering. I’ve had a beef stew in the oven for the last couple of hours, it’s still got about an hour to go. The cats and dog are both sitting staring through the kitchen door and I’m half …

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