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7 Things x 2017

I was thinking about New Years Resolutions and what I want to achieve, my goals for 2017. I definitely want to continue working on my English, Maths and Science. I want to continue eating healthily and exercising. I want to retain my current mental health levels. These are all things that have been working well …

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Goals for next month

I’m starting to think about my goals for January, about what I want to achieve. The main thing will be finding a new routine with J being home all the time, him working out what he’s going to do and me learning to work around him being here. He’s good at understanding I have a …

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Action Challenge

Things are getting back to normal around here, finally! J went back to work today. S is being incredibly stubborn and trying not to let this gastroenteritis get her down, but J was firm with her and told her to stay home, at least for today, and rest. S and I did to to the …

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